Pancasila Day in Indonesia Date in the current year: June 1, 2024

Pancasila Day in Indonesia Pancasila Day is an Indonesian observance held on June 1 each year. It commemorates Sukarno's speech known as “The Birth of the Pancasila”, which he presented on June 1, 1945.

Pancasila is the official philosophical foundation of the Republic of Indonesia promulgated by the country's first President Sukarno. The word “pancasila” is translated from Old Javanese as “five principles”. Sukarno formulated these principles to pull together the diverse archipelago populated by hundreds of ethnic groups.

The five original principles presented by Sukarno to the Investigating Committee for Preparatory Work for Indonesian Independence are: Indonesian nationality, internationalism, deliberative consensus, social welfare, and belief in the one and only God. They ware intended to reconcile nationalists, Muslims and Christians who had conflicting priorities.

Pancasila is mainly a fusion of elements of nationalism, socialism and monotheism. It promotes the idea of the society based on democracy and social justice with an emphasis on religiosity and monotheism.

Pancasila Day is an official observance, but not a non-working public holiday. It has been observed each year since 1945.

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