World Suicide Prevention Day Date in the current year: September 10, 2019

World Suicide Prevention Day World Suicide Prevention Day is annually observed on September 10. This observance was initiated by the Intentional Association for Suicide Prevention in collaboration with the World Health Organization and the World Federation for Mental health.

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death around the world. Annually one million people die by suicide around the world. This number exceeds the number of people, who die in wars, terrorist attacks or being murdered. It's believed, that by 2020 the number of suicides will increase to 1,5 million people per year.

The highest rate of suicides is observed in China, South Korea, Russia, Latvia, Slovenia, Belarus, while the lowest rate is in the countries of Latin America, Muslim counties and a few Asian countries.

One of the most common way of suicide is use of pesticides, especially organophosphate-based pesticides. Although these pesticides are banned by the international conventions, they are still produced and used in the fields of some Asian countries. Use of pesticides causes severe intoxication, that not always leads to death, however, these painful fails of suicide could be reduced.

Observation of World Suicide Prevention Day should raise public awareness of this problem and help people overcome the feelings of hopelessness and pain, leading to suicide.

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