Mother’s Day in Nicaragua Date in the current year: May 30, 2024

Mother’s Day in Nicaragua Mother's Day is annually observed in Nicaragua on May 30. This is very important holiday for the Nicaraguans, that is why preparations begin early in May.

Mother's Day (Día de la Madre) was established in the 1940s by then-President Anastasio Somoza García. He established Mother's Day by American sample and designated May 30 as the day of celebration, since it was birthday of Casmira Sacasa, his wife's mother.

Life in Nicaragua is very hard, that is why every holiday is very important for the Nicaraguans. They do everything to organize the best celebration ever. And Mother's Day is a culminating point of the whole Mother's Month.

Special gift sets are sold in supermarkets from the beginning of May. Supermarkets also organize different campaigns. The most important treat for Mother's Day is a cake, which is mandatory for celebration. Every city organizes concerts and different activities, that makes celebration of Mother's Day one of the important holidays during a year.

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