Armed Forces Day in Croatia Date in the current year: May 28, 2024

Armed Forces Day in Croatia In Croatia, Armed Forces Day is celebrated on May 28. It is typically marked with a solemn ceremony attended by the country’s President, Minister of Defense, Chief of the General Staff, representatives of the government, parliament, and diplomatic corps as well as present and former members of the Armed Forces.

Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia were officially created in 1991, following the country’s independence from Yugoslavia. They were formed in the Croatian War of Independence. Croatian Army was established as Croatian National Guard in May 1991 and got its current name in November 1991.

Currently Croatian Armed Forces consist of three branches: the ground army, the navy, and the air force and air defense. The total number of active military personnel is about 18,000. Compulsory military service had existed in Croatia until 2008. In 2009, Croatia joined NATO. Its armed forces actively participate in UN peacekeeping operations.

Croatian Armed Forces Day coincides with Croatian Ground Army Day. Other branches of the Croatian military have their own commemorations. Croatian Navy Day is celebrated on September 18, and Croatian Air Force and Air Defense Day is observed on December 12.

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