Mother's Day in Bolivia Date in the current year: May 27, 2024

Mother's Day in Bolivia Mother's Day in Bolivia is observed on May 27. The date wasn't chosen according to American tradition of celebration. Bolivia has got another important date in its history connected with women.

Mother's Day in Bolivia was created in 1927, when President Hernando Siles Reyes passed a law on establishment of this holiday. The date was chosen May 27, since it's the date of the Battle of la Coronilla.

The Battle of Coronilla took place on May 27, 1812 during the Bolivian War of Independence in the modern city of Cochabamba. The men of Cochabamba fought against the Spanish army, but all of them were slaughtered. When the Spanish turned to Cochabamba, women, children and old men gathered at the hills of Coronilla and Colina de San Sebastián and tried to protect their city with sticks and stones.

The Spanish repressed the rebellion on May 27 and slaughtered women fighting for their city. Nowadays the Bolivians annually celebrate Mother's Day to honor the brave women, who died in the fight. Mother's Day is not a festive day, but schools and kindergartens hold activities and festivities throughout the day.

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