International No Diet Day Date in the current year: May 6, 2019

International No Diet Day International No Diet Day (INDD) is an annual event that focuses on body acceptance and healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on health at any size. It was first celebrated in the United Kingdom in 1992. INDD is observed on May 6.

International No Diet Day was created by the director of the group “Diet Breakers” Mary Evans Young. After struggling with an eating disorder (anorexia nervosa), she wanted to help people accept and appreciate the body they have.

She introduced the first No Diet Day in 1992. Originally it was intended to be National No Died Day observed in the UK only, but then Young decided to try and make it an international observance. In 1993, Young's idea was supported by feminist groups in many more countries such as the United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Israel, India. The symbol of the observance is a light blue ribbon.

INDD aims at raising awareness of weight discrimination, fat phobia, sizism and potential dangers of commercial diet plans, honoring the victims of weight-loss surgery and eating disorders, promoting body acceptance and body shape diversity. It is supposed to be a day free of diets and unhealthy obsessions about body weight and shape.

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