Teachers’ Day in Paraguay Date in the current year: April 30, 2024

Teachers’ Day in Paraguay Paraguay Teachers' Day (Día del Maestro) is celebrated annually on April 30. On this day, students and parents express their gratitude to teachers and show them the appreciation they deserve.

The date of Teacher's Day was chosen during a national convention of Paraguayan teachers that took place in 1915, and the holiday has been observed annually ever since. This date was chosen because it is the eve or Labor Day. Although it is not an official public holiday, it is widely celebrated throughout the country by both state and private schools.

On the occasion of the Teacher's Day, Paraguayan teachers receive cards and small handmade gifts from their students. Many schools hold special events in order to honor teachers. The Ministry of Education and Culture awards outstanding teachers for their innovative teaching practices, commitment and contributions to local communities and society in general.

Historically, education has not been valued highly in Paraguay. Things started to change in 1992, following the adoption of the new constitution. Funding of the education system increased, much of this money went to update curricula and raise teacher salaries. During the 1990s, ten universities were created.

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