Children's Day in Mexico Date in the current year: April 30, 2019

Children's Day in Mexico On April 30, Mexico celebrates Children's Day (Día del Niño). It was first held in 1925 and has been celebrated annually ever since.

Children's Day in Mexico honors children as an important part of the Mexican society. It focuses on the importance of appreciating, accepting and loving children as well as endorsing their well being.

On Children's Day, Mexican teachers typically organize various events and activities. In kindergartens and elementary schools, lessons are usually canceled for the day. Instead of studying, children participate in games and other activities such as art workshops, storytelling, face painting. They are also allowed to bring their favorite foods and share them with classmates.

Many parents take a half-day off work to spend time with their children. They attend special events organized in local amusement parks, water parks, sports centers, shopping malls, museums and zoos. Sometimes, children also receive presents from their relatives.

Civil associations dedicate this day to charity. They collect donations and give them out to orphans and children in need. Churches also hold various events for children.

Mexican children always look forward to the holiday with great anticipation, it is one of the happiest days of the year for them.

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