Independence Day in Togo Date in the current year: April 27, 2018

Independence Day in Togo The Togolese Republic celebrates its Independence Day on April 27. This public holiday commemorates the proclamation of the independence of Togo from France that occurred in 1960.

The territory of the modern Togo became a German protectorate in 1884. Then it was known as Togoland. During the First World War, it was invaded by British and French force. In 1916, the protectorate was divided into French and British administrative zones.

Following Germany's defeat in the First World War, Togoland formally became a League of Nations mandate divided between the UK and France. After WWII, the mandate became a United Nations territory administered by France and the UK.

In 1955, French Togoland gained the status of an autonomous republic within the French union. In 1958, France officially promised to grant the Republic of Togo full independence. On April 27, 1960, Togo became a fully independent state. Its transition to independence was smooth. Sylvanus Olympio became the country's first president.

Independence Day in Togo is an official non-working day. It is marked with speeches by president and government officials, military and civilian parades, and other events and festive activities.

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