National Children Day in Haiti Date in the current year: June 10, 2024

National Children Day in Haiti Every year all children of Haiti celebrate National Children Day on June 10. This holiday was created to remind children, that they also have rights.

Every country around the world faces certain problems relating to children. For instance, Haitian children often become domestic servants. Although slavery was abolished in Haiti in 1792, it turns out, that it still exists at the unofficial level.

Normally children should be enrolled to school and treated as parts of one family. But in Haiti parents often send their children to other families to work there as servants. Even small children have to work hard: fetch water, hand-wash clothes, carry loads from the marketplace and work in the fields. Often children work for 14 hours a day for free.

It's very hard to change this situation without starting special programs for community development and abolishing modern slavery. National Children Day is one of the ways to improve the situation and remind children and adults about the rights that every child has.

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