Kim II-sung’s Birthday in North Korea Date in the current year: April 15, 2024

Kim II-sung’s Birthday in North Korea April 15 is Kim II-sung's Birthday in the Democratic Republic of Korea. This holiday was established to commemorate Kim II-sung, the leader of the country from the year of its establishment in 1948 to 1994. The holiday is also known as the Day of the Sun.

Kim II-sung (born as Kim Sŏng-ju) was born on April 15, 1912 in a small village of Mangyungbong. His rising to political powers is somewhat obscure, since there are no reliable sources indicating, what he was doing before establishment of North Korea in 1948.

He was installed as a chairman of the North Korean branch of the Korean Communist Party by the Soviets in 1945. Later he became the top Korean administrative leader in the North. In 1948 Kim II-sung became Prime Minster of North Korea and held this post to 1972. From 1972 to 1994 he served as President.

The Koreans widely celebrate Day of the Sun. The celebrations are held across the country, and the largest military parade takes place in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea.

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