Children's Day in Bolivia Date in the current year: April 12, 2024

Children's Day in Bolivia Bolivia, as well as other countries of South America, faces problems of child abuse and violation of children's rights. Children's Day was created to stop exploiting children and remind them about their rights. This holiday is annually celebrated on April 12.

The level of working children is very high in Bolivia. Up to 90% of children have to work to survive and provide their families with food. Some children wash windshields or sell candies or other goods, while other work on sugar cane plantations or in the mines. Children can't visit school or have to visit special night schools, since they need daytime to work and earn some money.

In 1955 the government of Bolivia adopted a law on celebration of Children's Day, as a day reminding adults about the rights of children and the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child. The date of the holiday was chosen to coincide with the date, when the Declaration was drafted.

Annually schools of Bolivia organize special events for all children under the age of 12. The events remind children about their rights. Teachers and parents also participate in the celebration and give children small gifts.

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