Day of Valor in the Philippines Date in the current year: April 9, 2024

Day of Valor in the Philippines April 9 is Day of Valor in the Philippines. This holiday is also known under different names, such as Bataan Day or Bataan and Corregidor Day.

Day of Valor commemorates the Battle of Bataan in 1942, which was one of the major battles in the Philippines during World War II. This battle represented the most intense phase of Imperial Japan's invasion of the Philippines. After the victory in the Battle of Bataan, the Japanese could set control over the island of Luzon and the Philippines.

The battle began on January 7, 1942 and lasted for three months. The battle ended at dawn on April 9, 1942, when the commander of the Luzon Force Major General Edward P. King, Jr. surrendered the army of more than 76,000 starving and disease-ridden solders to Japanese troops. Their surrender marked the beginning of the infamous 140 kilometer (90 miles) Bataan Death March to Camp O'Donnell in Capas. Only 54,000 out of 76,000 soldiers came to their destination. The rest died of executions or were left dying on the road.

April 9 is a national holiday in the Philippines. The veterans of World War II gather to commemorate the events of the battle and honor those Filipinos, who gave their lives for victory in the war.

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