Draw A Bird Day Date in the current year: April 8, 2019

Draw A Bird Day Draw A Bird Day is a special movement, that was born in Great Britain during the 1940s. This movement spread to the other countries and it became very popular.

In 1943, a seven year old Dorie Cooper from England went visiting her uncle, who was wounded in the war. Her uncle lost his right leg to a land mine, that is why he felt very distraught. In order to cheer her uncle up, Dorie asked him to draw a bird for her. Although he was unwell, he did what Dorie asked and drew a robin. This cheered him up and during the next Dorie's visits other soldiers started drawing birds too.

Three years later Dorie was struck by a car. During her funeral, her coffin was filled with drawings of birds made by other soldiers, doctors and nurses from the ward, where her uncle had been. Since then all men and women remembered a little girl, who brought hope to them, by drawing birds on her birthday, that is April 8.

You can also celebrate Draw A Bird Day by drawing a picture of a bird. The picture shouldn't be professional, especially, if you're not so talented. Share this picture with anyone, who is important to you.

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