Waffle Day in Sweden Date in the current year: March 25, 2024

Waffle Day in Sweden March 25 is annual celebration of Waffle Day in Sweden. This unofficial holiday is loved across the country and observed by the Swedes worldwide.

The tradition of eating waffles on this day stems from the name of the holiday – Vårfrudagen, that is Swedish for Our Lady's Day. And the name of the day sounds almost like Våffeldagen, that stands for Waffle Day. Due to this waffles became the traditional dish of the day. Anyway, waffles have no religious connection to celebration of the holiday.

Our Lady's Day is celebrated nine month before Christmas, that falls on March 25. But in the past years the celebration has been organized on Sunday from 22nd till 28th of March. Nevertheless, the tradition to celebrate Waffle Day is not changed and the day always falls on March 25.

Today everyone should enjoy waffles to celebrate the holiday. No matter what kind of waffles you prefer, crispy or puff ones, with syrup, whipped cream, fruit sauce or sliced fresh fruit, take a serving or two to indulge in this treat.

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