Mother’s Day in Slovenia Date in the current year: March 25, 2024

Mother’s Day in Slovenia Mother's Day is celebrated in many countries. A lot of countries celebrate it on the same date in May, but Slovenia is the only country that observes the holiday on March 25.

Mother's Day origins in the USA, where it was created by Anna Jarvis. It gained popularity in Europe during World War I, when American soldiers were sending thousands of post cards to greet their mothers. This tradition was adopted by many European countries, but it came to Slovenia only in 1991, when it became independent state from the former Yugoslavia Republic.

Mother's Day in Slovenia is a family holiday, that follows American pattern. Number of activities are held in the kindergartens and primary schools, where children learn about Mother's Day.

Slovenia, as well as other countries, pay attention to birth rate. Different social programs were created to promote child birth among young women. According to statistics, modern Slovenian women give birth to the first child at the age of 30, while 25 years ago they were about 5 years younger.

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