Youth Day in Tunisia Date in the current year: March 21, 2019

Youth Day in Tunisia Youth Day in Tunisia annually falls on March 21, right after Independence Day. This is a joyful and colorful holiday, that is devoted to those people, who will build and develop future economy of the country.

Youth Day in Tunisia was created to popularize the image of a modern talented, motivated, athletic and active young person. Such person is fully aware of his or her responsibility for the future development of the country, remembers and honors the past of the nation.

Annual celebration of Youth Day in Tunisia is held under different themes. Numerous events are organized, to raise public awareness of problems, that youth faces every day. The major activities are organized in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, among them are photo contests and exhibitions on the theme of the year.

Many countries in the world, including Tunisia, celebrate Youth Days. All these festivals are devoted to the younger generation and they are designed to highlight the important role of youth in all spheres of public life.

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