1848 Revolution Day in Hungary Date in the current year: March 15, 2024

1848 Revolution Day in Hungary On March 15, the Hungarians celebrate one of Hungary's national holidays. 1848 Revolution Day is the national day of Hungary which marks the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.

The Hungarian Revolution started on March 15, 1848 in the city of Pest (now part of Budapest). Revolutionaries marched around the city, reading the 12 Points (a list of their demands) and reciting Nezmeti dal (National Song) by Sándor Petőfi. Bloodless mass demonstrations forced the governor to accept the demands. In April, a reform package was approved. It created a democratic political system in the country.

Unfortunately, several months later the new government of Hungary was dissolved by the Imperial authorities. This triggered the Hungarian war for independence from the Austrian Empire in which Hungary lost. Despite the defeat, the 1848 Revolution was an important milestone in the Hungarian history.

1848 Revolution Day is marked with formal speeches, concerts, and other festive events. Many Hungarians wear a cockade with the national colors – red, white, and green. Red symbolizes strength, white stands for faithfulness, and green means hope. After the revolution, an alternative interpretation emerged: red for the blood spilled by Hungarian patriots, white for freedom, and green for the land of Hungary.

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