Youth Day in Zambia Date in the current year: March 12, 2024

Youth Day in Zambia March 12 is annual celebration of Youth Day in Zambia. Sports events, trees planting and a number of other events are organized for Zambian youth on this day.

Zambia is one of the less economically developed countries in the world. About 80% of its population lives in poverty. Young people are the largest part of the Zambian population, and it has its major problem – marginalization (social exclusion).

Youth Day in Zambia is a very important political and social holiday, that helps government show how its efforts help young people solve their problems. Another great importance of Youth Day is evaluation of the Zambian youth contribution into development of the country.

Street youth marches are traditionally organized on Youth Day. Youth organizations organize annual parades and try to attract public attention to juridical, economic and health problems, that youth faces every day.

Government and non-governmental organizations organize and support sports events and trees planing. Local leaders deliver speeches, that emphasize the role of the youth in growth of the nation. Different special laws concerning youth policies come into power on this day.

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