Teachers’ Day in Lebanon Date in the current year: March 9, 2024

Teachers’ Day in Lebanon In Lebanon, Teachers' Day is celebrated for an entire week. The holiday starts on March 3 and culminates on March 9. Teachers' Day is one of the most important professional observances in Lebanon.

Teachers' Day is the perfect day to express appreciation and gratitude to the people who generously share their knowledge. On the occasion of the holiday, Lebanese schoolchildren give teachers handmade gifts and greeting cards. Sometimes parents collect money to buy teachers more substantial gifts. In some schools, daytime parties are organized.

On March 9, schools in Lebanon are typically closed therefore children congratulate their teachers on the previous day. However, not all the schools close – officially, Teachers' Day is not a non-working public holiday.

Teacher is one of the most respected professions in Lebanon. Lebanese teachers are well-educated, and many of them speak several languages because after primary education, French or English become the mandatory medium of instruction for science and mathematics.

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