Teacher's Day in Albania Date in the current year: March 7, 2024

Teacher's Day in Albania Annual celebration of Teacher's Day in Albania falls on March 7. This holiday celebrates opening of the first secular school that taught lessons in Albanian in the small city of Korçë.

The opening of the first school that taught lessons in Albanian was very important for the country. Previously it was impossible because all schools in northern and middle Albania were functioning under the supervision of the Catholic Church. The Orthodox Church, that was in the south Albania, didn't allow any Albanian schools at all.

Celebration of Teacher's Day in Albania manifests the important role of the teachers in nation growing. The way how a nation can grow just in a century, shows the brilliance of minds and contribution of the educators all over the country.

During the celebration students give their teachers different presents, like cards, gifts, tokens. Special banquets are organized in the cities across the country. The Albanian government also is responsible for the simultaneous celebration among governmental institutions.

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