Sportsmen's Day in Egypt Date in the current year: March 3, 2024

Sportsmen's Day in Egypt The Egyptian sportsmen have their own professional holiday – Sportsmen's Day, that annually falls on March 3. This is not a public holiday in Egypt, but it's celebrated by the sportsmen and sports enthusiast.

Sports in Egypt is highly developed, compared to the other counties of the African continent. Many sports clubs are administratively and financially supported by regional authorities and government. Some universities have Faculty of Physical Education.

One of the most popular sports in Egypt is football. The Egyptian football clubs are well-known in Africa and in the Middle East. Some of them have fans even outside of the continent. Tennis, squash, handball, boxing and basketball are also popular in Egypt. But if we talk about the sports, we must mention speedball, the most enjoyable outdoor game, that was born in Egypt.

The athletes of Egypt annually take part in the Summer Olympic Games since 1912. Weightlifting, wrestling, boxing and swimming have received considerable encouragement. However, Egypt boycotted the Olympics for several times due to politic reasons.

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