Mexican Army Day Date in the current year: February 19, 2024

Mexican Army Day Mexican Army Day is observed in Mexico annually on February 19. This holiday cerebrates the foundation day of Mexican Army in 1913 and honors the 1911 Loyalty March, when President Madero was escorted by the Cadets of the Military College to the National Palace.

The Mexican Army is the largest branch of the Mexican Armed Forces. It was created in 1810 during the independence movement and became the first army to adopt the Mondragón rifle, a self-loading rifle, in 1908. The rifles became actively used in the army only in 1910.

Originally, Mexican Army Day was created to commemorate the Loyalty March in 1911, when the revolutionary leader (and later the 33rd President of Mexico) Francisco Madero was escorted to the National Palace in Mexico City. Later the observance transformed into the holiday of the Mexican Army. Military parades, ceremonies of raising flag and memorial services to honor the soldiers who died for their nation during the revolutions and wars are usually organized to observe this day.

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