International Lefthanders Day Date in the current year: August 13, 2024

International Lefthanders Day August 13 is International Lefthanders Day. This day exists in many countries around the world since 1976, when it was first observed by Lefthanders International.

Seven to ten percent of world's population are lefthanders. They have to adapt to predominantly right-handed world and learn use objects and tools, that are made for righthanders, but inconvenient for lefthanders. Celebration of International Lefthanders Day promotes public awareness of the issues, that lefthanders face everyday and spreads information about special needs of left-handed kids.

Until recently left-handed people were strongly recommended to switch to being right-handed. This situation existed in many countries around the world, where children were taught to use right hand for writing. In China left-handed children even today have to use right hand for writing, because it's more comfortable to write Chinese characters.

International Lefthanders Day is an annual event for all left-handed. Today they can celebrate their left-handedness. And right-handed people have an opportunity to understand disadvantages and advantages of being lefthanded.

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