Youth Day in Cameroon Date in the current year: February 11, 2024

Youth Day in Cameroon Youth Day in Cameroon is celebrated annually on February 11. The celebration of the holiday reflects awareness and recognition of youth significance for the country.

The first celebration of Youth Day in Cameroon was held in 1962, a year after British Southern Cameroon and French Cameroon unified. The holiday was created by the government of West Cameroon (the name of the state after the reunification) to replace National Day, that was celebrated on October 26. The first celebration of Youth Day took place on October 26, 1962.

The date of celebration was changed to February 11 in 1963, when the Secretary of State for Education and Social Welfare stated, that sports events organized during the dry season would enable children to devote their time to studies before the November examinations.

Youth Day is celebrated by parades, in which school children and youth groups participate. The holiday is very popular among young people and it's used to encourage the Cameroon's youth to renounce violence and other unsavory behaviors.

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