Youth Day in Venezuela Date in the current year: February 12, 2024

Youth Day in Venezuela Youth Day in Venezuela is celebrated on February12. This holidays commemorates all teenagers who fought and died in the Battle of La Victoria during the Venezuelan War of Independence.

The fights for independence began in Venezuela in the 19th century. The war lasted for 10 years: from 1811 to 1821. The Battle of La Victoria was one of the major events on the war.

Battle of La Victoria occurred on February 12, 1814. Venezuelan leader José Félix Ribas led an army, that consisted of young and inexperienced students, seminary candidates and youths. Although they didn't have any chances to win, Ribas told them before the battle, that “We have no choice between victory or death, we must achieve victory”. After hours of fierce resistance they succeeded in halting the royalist troops.

Youth Day in Venezuela is created to honor the young men who formed Riba's battalion. A large civil-military parade is organized on this day, and it attract thousands of young people from all over Venezuela.

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