Royal Thai Armed Forces Day Date in the current year: January 18, 2024

Royal Thai Armed Forces Day Thai soldiers celebrate their professional day on January18. It is Royal Thai Armed Forces Day, that annually commemorates the victory of King Naresuan in a duel.

The event took place in 1592 (or 1593, according to the other sources) when the King Naresuan defeated the Burmese Crown Prince Mingyi Swa in an elephant duel. The holiday was annually observed on January 25, but the date was changed in 2007.

The Royal Thai Armed Forces defend the independence and territorial integrity of Thailand. It is also charged in the protection of the monarchy of Thailand against all domestic and foreign threats. The Armed Forces consist of Royal Thai Army, Royal Thai Navy and Royal Air Force.

Serving in the Armed Forces is a duty of all citizens of Thailand, however, only males, who are older than 21 and haven't gone through reserve are subjected to a random draft. The randomly chosen men are subjected to 24-month full-time service and volunteers are subjected to 18-month service that depends of their education.

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