Restoration Day of the Independent Czech State Date in the current year: January 1, 2024

Restoration Day of the Independent Czech State January 1 is not only New Year's Day, but also Restoration Day of the Independent Czech State. This holiday marks the day, when Czechoslovakia split into Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Czechoslovakia has emerged as a country in October 1918 after declaration of independence from Austor-Hungarian Empire. During World War II the country briefly split and after the end of the war it got under the Soviet rule.

The democracy in Czechoslovakia was restored only in 1989 after the Velvet Revolution. At the same time the communism rule fell in Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania, that led to extirpation of the communists in Europe.

The separation of Slovakia and the Czech Republic began in 1990 after the old name of Czechoslovakia was canceled by the federal government. In 1992 the growing nationalist tensions caused the peaceful dissolving of Czechoslovakia by the government. And on 1 January 1993 the last decision of separating Czechoslovakia into two independent countries the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic took effect.

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