Australia Day Date in the current year: January 26, 2018

Australia Day Australia Day, celebrated annually on January 26, is one of the most important holidays for Australia. This day marks the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet to Australia.

The First Fleet of British Ships under command of Captain Arthur Phillip arrived at Port Jackson, New South Wales. Phillip raised the Flag of Great Britain at the site thus founded the settlement, that later became modern Sydney.

The first celebration of founding of New South Wales dates back to 1808, but the official celebration was in 1818. In 1935 the celebration adopted another name, Australia Day, that is used today.

The holiday has become very popular since 1988, when Australia Day marked the 200th anniversary. The citizens of all states and territories began celebrating the holiday as a unified holiday only in 1994.

The celebration of Australia Day includes outdoor concerts, sport competitions, barbecues, festivals and fireworks across Australia. But not all Australians, particularly indigenous people, find the holiday appropriate. They think that their life changed to worse after arrival of the Brits to Australia.

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