Armed Forces Day in South Korea Date in the current year: October 1, 2024

Armed Forces Day in South Korea Military personnel as well as civilians celebrate Armed Forces Day in South Korea annually on October 1. This day honors the military forces of the Republic of Korea, that are responsible for maintaining sovereignty and its territorial integrity.

Celebration of Armed Forces Day on October 1 is connected with the events of the Korean War, that lasted from June 25, 1950 to July 27, 1953. After Japan surrendered in World War II in 1945 Korean peninsula was divided by the 38th parallel, establishing Soviet and American occupation zones. Later in 1948 the parallel became the boundary between South and North Korea, but each government claimed the right on administration of the whole peninsula. This led to numerous cross-border raids, eventually starting the Korean War.

On October 1, 1950 South Korean troops and the UN troops broke through the 38th parallel, in a counteroffensive operation. Anniversary of this event became the date for celebration of Armed Forces Day in South Korea. Nowadays military parades are organized to celebrate this holiday.

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