Teachers’ Day in Thailand Date in the current year: January 16, 2024

Teachers’ Day in Thailand Many countries have a special day for the appreciation of teachers, and Thailand is no exception. Teachers' Day in Thailand has been celebrated annually on January 16 since 1957.

This day was chosen to commemorate the enactment of the Teachers Act which was published in the Royal Thai Government Gazette on January 16, 1945. The act came into force two months after it had been published. The first Teachers' Day in Thailand was celebrated in 1957 being established by a resolution of the Royal Thai Government on November 21, 1956.

Teachers' Day is usually a non-working day for teachers. The majority of schools in Thailand are closed for a day so that teachers can have a break. International schools normally do not close, although they may hold celebrations to honor their teaching stuff. Official or public commemorations are not typical for Teachers' Day, it is a rather quiet holiday.

It is worth mentioning, that Thai teachers are also honored at the beginning of the school year during the wai khru ceremony in which students express their gratitude to their teachers. Wai khru is translated into English as “praise the teacher”. The ceremony includes a Buddhist prayer, a presentation of offerings, and a speech by the headteacher.

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