Children’s Day in Thailand Date in the current year: January 13, 2024

Children’s Day in Thailand The second Saturday of January is Children's Day in Thailand. Children are the most valuable for Thailand that's why the Children's Day celebration plays such a significant role for government.

Wan Dek is Thai name for Children's Day. This day all children across Thailand are given opportunity to have fun and understand how important they are for development of the country.

His Majesty the King traditionally gives children advice and the Supreme Monarch Patriarch of Thailand gives a moral teaching. The Prime Minister of Thailand has to give Children's Day a slogan and a theme.

Celebration of Wan Dek includes different events for children. For example, a guided tour at the Government House is the most notable. Children have an opportunity to see the Prime Minister's office and sit at his desk. The Royal Thai Air Force invites children to see and explore aircraft. Bangkok Bank distributes different stationary, like pencils, pens and notebooks, among all the children that enter the bank. Lots of organizations have different celebration activities for children. Also children are allowed to enter zoo and ride buses for free.

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