Samhain Date in the current year: October 31, 2024

Samhain Samhain is one of the ancient Celtic festivals, that is celebrated on October 31 through the night of November 1. This festival celebrates the end of harvesting and marks the beginning of the darker period of the year.

Historically Samhain is observed in Ireland, Isle of Man and Scotland. It has got pre-Christian roots and it gave birth to another holiday, today known as Halloween. Many people even confuse these two festivals, but Halloween was created after the merging of Samhain and All Souls' Day, celebrated on November 2. At the same time Samhain remained in it's original form.

Samhain has never been associated with something mystic or supernatural. It was only the time to bring the cattle from summer pastures to the winter pastures and choose the animals for slaughter. Big bonfires were a part of the ritual, but mostly today they are lit only in some regions of Ireland, Isle of Man and Scotland. People take the flames from bonfires back to their homes as a symbol of the sun.

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