Hasyl Bayramy (Harvest Festival) in Turkmenistan Date in the current year: November 10, 2024

Hasyl Bayramy (Harvest Festival) in Turkmenistan Hasyl Bayramy is one of the oldest folk festivals in Turkmenistan, that is held to celebrate the new harvest. It's annually celebrated on the second Sunday in November.

Hasyl Bayramy celebrates the end of the season of agricultural works and cotton harvesting. Celebration of the festival is timed exactly to the end of harvesting of cotton and it resembles a cheerful and jolly festival.

The exhibitions of agricultural products and modern agricultural technology are annually organized on the festival. Other festive events include meetings, contests, competitions, free concerts etc. Celebration of Hasyl Bayramy culminates in a traditional solemn award ceremony of the distinguished farmers, agricultural experts and scientists.

Traditional racing of the Akhal-Teke horses is also organized on Hasyl Bayramy and it attracts attention of all Turkmen. These horses are mostly bred in Turkmenistan and they are its national emblem. Turkmen people are proud of endurance of these horses and their distinctive metallic sheen.

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