Mid-Shab'an (Lailat al-Baraa) Date in the current year: February 25, 2024

Mid-Shab'an (Lailat al-Baraa) Mid-Shab'an is observed by Muslims on the 15th day of the month of Shab'an. The preceding night is known as Laylatul Bara'ah (Lailat al-Baraa) or Shab-e-barat. It is commemorated with a festive vigil with prayers which lasts all night long.

The names of this night can be translated into English as the night of salvation, the night of deliverance, the night of assignment, or the night of records. Laylatul Bara'ah is the special night of repenting to Allah and seeking forgiveness. It also commemorates the entry of the Islamic prophet Muhammad into the city of Mecca.

It is believed that one's life in the coming year is decided on this night that is why Muslims remember their past sins and sincerely set their minds on never committing sins again. Those who sincerely repent for their past sins are pardoned by Allah.

The festival of Lailat al-Baraa is celebrated with great enthusiasm, gaiety, pomp and reverence by Muslims in South and Central Asia, it is even an official public holiday in Bangladesh. Shias and Arabs with Sufi heritage also celebrate this festival while the Salafi Arabs do not observe it. In some countries, it is customary to give candies to the children or to the neighbors and poor.

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