Independence Day in Turkmenistan Date in the current year: October 27, 2018

Independence Day in Turkmenistan Independence Day is the most important national holiday in Turkmenistan. It is celebrated on October 27, on the anniversary of declaration of independence of Turkmenistan in 1991.

The process of dissolution of the USSR started in 1991. Turkmenistan became one of the last Soviet countries to declare its independence, that occurred only on October 27, when then Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic adopted the law on its independence.

Celebration of Independence Day in Turkmenistan lasts for two days. The main events are organizes on October 27, the next day is also a public holiday. The Turkmens enjoy traditional military parade in Ashgabat, free concerts and other festive events are organized. People enjoy firework shows in the evening.

Prisoners in Turkmenistan also eagerly wait for Independence Day, because it's the day when the general pardon is given to people who violated the law on unintentional and serious crimes by President. Traditional award ceremony for the outstanding politicians, cultural figures and sportsmen is organized on the eve of Independence Day.

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