Nyinlog Date in the current year: January 2, 2024

Nyinlog Nyilog or Nyinlog is the winter solstice celebration in Bhutan which is considered a public holiday. It is celebrated on the seventh day of the eleventh month of the Bhutanese calendar.

Bhutanese calendar is a variant of the lunisolar Tibetan calendar. Because of this, dates of some Bhutanese national holidays change every year and fall on different days of the Gregorian calendar, the most widely used civil calendar.

For example, Nyinlog does not coincide with astronomical winter solstice which occurs in the Northern Hemisphere between December 21 and December 22. It can fall on December or January (for example, in 2015 Nyinlog falls on January 2).

Nyin long can be translated from the Dzongkha language as “return of the sun”. This day is believed to be the most auspicious day of the year. Nyinlog is one of sixteen public holidays celebrated in Bhutan. It is celebrated like new year in central and eastern Bhutan as well as among some western regions of the country.

The people of Bhutan celebrate Nyinlog with feasting and archery. However, Bhutanese farmers may feel some chagrin on this day because from the winter solstice the days are going to get longer and longer which means more and more work in the fields.

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