Feast of Saint Tryphon in Bulgaria and Montenegro Date in the current year: February 14, 2024

Feast of Saint Tryphon in Bulgaria and Montenegro The feast of Saint Tryphon, also known as Saint Tryphon Zarezan (Tryphon the Trimmer) is celebrated in Bulgaria and Montenegro on February 14. It is observed mainly by wine growers as Tryphon is the Eastern Orthodox patron saint of wine.

Saint Tryphon is believed to have been born in Phrygia. He was tortured for his faith during the Decian persecution. He is greatly venerated in the Eastern Orthodox Church where his feast day is February 1. As the Eastern Orthodox Church still uses the Julian calendar, the feast is actually celebrated on February 14 of the Gregorian calendar.

Saint Tryphon is venerated as the patron saint of winemakers and gardeners in the Balkans. The Bulgarians call him Zarezan (the Trimmer) because his feast day coincides with the beginning of the grape vine pruning season. On this day, special services are held in the Orthodox churches throughout Bulgaria and Montenegro.

In vineyard districts, February 14 has become a more secular celebration. Wine growers sprinkle wine on their vineyards, seeking a blessing from Saint Tryphon. It is also customary to perform the ritual trimming of the vines. In the evening, winemakers hold celebrations of feasting, drinking, singing and dancing.

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