International Chess Day Date in the current year: July 20, 2019

International Chess Day International Chess Day is annually observed on July 20 around the world. This international observance was created under initiative of the World Chess Federation (FIDE).

The first celebration of International Chess Day took place in 1966. The date was chosen to celebrate the anniversary of establishment of FIDE on July 20, 1924. FIDE became the first institution, that united chess federations of different countries. Alexander Rueb, a Dutch lawyer and diplomat, became its first president.

Nowadays 173 federations of different countries are members of FIDE. Its headquarters is situated in Athens, Greece. FIDE boasts many achievements, among them are definition of international chess play rules, introduction of international sports and arbiter titles. Six times per year the Federation calculates and publishes the Elo ratings, the rating of the chess players, calculated on the base of games with each other.

FIDE is responsible for organization of many theme events and competitions on International Chess Day.

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