St. Knut's Day Date in the current year: January 13, 2018

St. Knut's Day January 13 is St. Knut's Day in Finland and Sweden. It is celebrated on the 20th day after Christmas.

St. Knut's Day relates to the Danish prince Canute Lavard, who was assassinated by his cousin Magnus Nilsson on January 7. In the aftermath of Knut's death began the civil war and Canute was declared a saint. As far as Knut's day is coincided with Epiphany, his day was moved to January 13.

St. Knut's Day marks the end the Christmas holidays. The Christmas trees are taken down, all the candies and cookies that decorated the trees are eaten.

St. Knut's Day has got interesting traditions. For example, one of them is analogous to Santa Clause. Finnish men dress as a goat, crow or a hag, go from house to house, try to scare people who live there and demand for food and alcoholic beverages. This tradition began changing and now it's more like trick or treat kind. Today it's mostly children in scary costumes who go around the countryside houses and ask for treats, which involves a happy encounter.

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