Boy's Day in Poland Date in the current year: September 30, 2024

Boy's Day in Poland Boy's Day (Dzień Chłopaka) is an informal holiday celebrated in Poland on September 30. Although the celebration is unofficial, it is quite popular among high school and university students.

The exact origin of the holiday is unknown, but most likely it was created to complement Women's Day (March 8), so that boys would not feel left out and would have a chance to receive presents and greetings from girls. Interestingly, there are several holidays dedicated to men in Poland: along with Boy's Day, Poles celebrate Men's Day, Father's Day and Grandfather's Day.

On Boy's Day, Polish teenagers receive small gifts, such as chocolates, souvenirs, and greeting cards. For girls, this is a chance to express their feelings to boys they like. Sometimes special events are organized at schools. The holiday is becoming more popular each year due to increasing promotion on the media, especially the Internet and social networking sites. And, just like many other holidays of this kind, it is also becoming more commercialized.

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