Navy Day in Iran Date in the current year: November 28, 2024

Navy Day in Iran Navy Day is celebrated in Iran every year on November 28. This holiday commemorates the anniversary of the Operation Morvarid held by Iran on November 28-29, 1980 during Iran-Iraq War.

Iran launched the operation in response to Iraq positioning radar and monitoring equipment on the Al-Bakr and Khor-al-Amaya oil rigs to counter Iranian air operations. The battle began on November 28, when Iran sent as many aircraft and helicopters as possible to attack and destroy the airfields around Basra. During the night of November 29 Iranian marines were deployed on the Iraqi oil terminals. The marines deployed the large number of bombs and destroyed the oil terminals.

The destruction of the biggest Iraqi oil terminal paralyzed more than 50 percent of combat power of Iraqi Navy, while Iranian fleet suffered minor losses. Operation Morvarid showed professionalism and bravery of the personnel of the Iranian fleet, that's why Imam Khomeini approved celebration of Navy Day on the anniversary of the operation.

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