Independence Day in Albania Date in the current year: November 28, 2024

Independence Day in Albania The Albanians annually celebrate Independence Day on November 28. This holiday is also very often called Flag Day, because two important events took place on the same day in the same year, on November 28, 1912.

Before 1912 Albania had been a part of the powerful Ottoman Empire. In January 1912, the final revolt against the Ottoman rule started in Albania. It successfully ended in August 1912, sending other European countries the signal, that the Empire was week. Greece, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Serbia wanted a partition of the Ottoman Empire territories among themselves, that is why the leader of Albanian national movement Ismail Qemali quickly organized All-Albanian Congress in the city of Vlora.

During the Congress, 83 delegates from all over Albania voted for declaration of independence from the Ottoman Empire. This statement was written down and signed on November 28, 1912 and later read in the presence of hundreds of Albanians from the balcony of the Assembly of Vlora. The same day, Ismail Qemali waved the national flag of Albania, that was sewn after Skanderbeg's principality flag, that had been used more than 400 years earlier.

These two events played an important role in the history of Albania, that is why people eagerly wait for Independence Day and its celebrations. Free concerts of the most famous Albanian singers and dancers are organized in the center of Tirana, the capital of Albania.

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