National Sleepy Head Day in Finland Date in the current year: July 27, 2019

National Sleepy Head Day in Finland July 27 is National Sleepy Head Day in Finland. This holiday is related to the legend of the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus, but it is an informal celebration rather then a religious festival.

The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus were young Christians who were persecuted for their faith during the reign of Emperor Decius. They hid in a cave near Ephesus, fell asleep and woke up approximately 180 years later, when Christians were not persecuted anymore. The Catholic Church commemorates them on July 27.

On National Sleepy Head Day, the laziest person in the house (i.e. the last person to wake up) is woken up either by having water thrown on them, or being thrown into a lake, river or the sea. The largest celebration is held in the city of Naantali, where a celebrity is thrown in the sea at 7 a. m.

The organizers of the event typically choose a person who has done something to the city's benefit. The sleeper's identity is kept secret until July 27. Sleepers have included city mayors (every mayor has been chosen as a sleeper at least once), politicians, businessmen, writers, artists etc. The morning event is followed by mass celebrations that last all day.

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