National Teachers' Day in Indonesia Date in the current year: November 25, 2024

National Teachers' Day in Indonesia Every year teachers of Indonesia celebrate National Teachers' Day on November 25. This is not a public holiday or national observance, however, special memorial ceremonies are often held in schools across Indonesia.

National Teachers' Day was established by President of Indonesia in 1994. His presidential decree was confirmed by the governmental act of regulation in 2005. The date of celebration was chosen to commemorate the anniversary of establishment of the Indonesian Teachers Association (Persatuan Guru Republik Indonesia, PGRI).

Although the government of Indonesia doesn't organize any special observances, every school usually holds a special memorial service, attended by teachers, principals and school supervisors. The memorial service emphasizes the role of the teachers in establishment and development of the nation, and the teachers are regarded as the unsung heroes. Students are also encouraged to prepare special shows for their teachers, or at least present them with special treats and say “Thank you” for their hard work.

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