Martyr's Day in Togo Date in the current year: June 21, 2024

Martyr's Day in Togo June 21 is Martyr's Day, which is a very important day for the Togolese Republic. This holiday commemorates death of those people, who sacrificed their lives for peaceful life in Togo.

Togo became the major center of slave trade in the 16th century, earning the country and its surrounding region the name of the Slave Coast. Togoville became German protectorate in 1884. In 1905 Togoville officially became the German colony and changed it's name to Togoland. During World War I Togoland was invaded by English and French troops. After the end of the war Togoland was split by the League of Nations and divided between Britain and France. After World War II two territories became UN Trust Territories. In 1957 British Togoland became a part of independent Ghana. French Togoland gained independence in 1960, when Sylvanus Olympio came to rule.

Olympio's administration didn't last long. Years of instability lead to Olympio's assassination in 1963. Administration was taken by opposition leader Nicolas Grunitzky. Grunitzky was overthrown by Eyadéma Gnassingbé, who governed the country till his death in 2005.

Togo remembers people, who died during numerous military coups, every year on Martyr's Day. Military parades are usually organized, but they raise mixed feelings. Some people perceive military as a symbol of strength, while others blame military in the deaths of innocent people.

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