Children's Day in Chile Date in the current year: August 11, 2024

Children's Day in Chile Children's Day is a very popular holiday in Chile, where it's celebrated on the second Sunday in August. Although this date is widely known among the population of Chile, it's official date is different.

Children's Day was established as one of the UN's observances in 1950 and many countries celebrate it on June 1. This is the day, when adults have to remember, that every child also has rights for medical care, education and happy childhood. However, some countries of South America, including Chile, commercialized this holiday and made it the perfect day for parents to buy toys for their children.

Officially Children's Day is recognized in Chile on the first Wednesday of October, but due to constant promotion of August holiday, everyone unofficially celebrates it on the second Sunday in August. This day was chosen in agreement with the Argentinian toy industry as a perfect event to sale the excessive toys before the beginning of Christmas season.

Present-day Children's Day in Chile has nothing in common with International Day for Protection of Children, but it's beloved by all children and their parents.

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