National Heroes' Day in Uganda Date in the current year: June 9, 2024

National Heroes' Day in Uganda National Heroes' Day is annually observed in Uganda on June 9. This holiday honors those people, who played major role in well-being of Uganda and payed their lives for better future of the Ugandans.

Ugandan National Heroes' Day is one of the most divisive days of the year. This is caused by the reason that no one knows, who should be honored on this day. Mostly fallen soldiers of the civil war in Uganda are officially recognized as heroes. But the crimes committed by both sides during the war are still vivid for the nation, that is why Ugandans do not always consider those fallen soldiers as real national heroes. Some Ugandans argue for remembrance of less controversial persons in the history of Uganda. For instance, the Ugandan doctor, who detected a deadly Ebola outbreak before it spread.

Despite the arguments, government of Uganda created National Heroes' Day, that gives opportunity honor all heroes of the country, since they are an example of courage and patriotism for everyone.

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