European Neighbors' Day Date in the current year: May 31, 2024

European Neighbors' Day European Neighbors' Day is an annual international event held on the last Friday in May. It was first celebrated in 1999 in Paris. Currently it is celebrated in about 1400 towns and cities in more than 30 European countries.

In 1990, a group of residents of the 17th district of Paris created the association Paris d'Amis. It focused on enforcing the links of proximity and mobilizing people to act against isolation. The first Neighbors Day was organized by Paris d'Amis in 1999. More than 10,000 residents from 800 apartment buildings participated in the celebration.

In the following years, other districts of Paris and French cities and towns followed suit. In 2003, Belgium joined the Neighbors' Day celebration, bringing the campaign to the international level. The event was officially renamed European Neighbors' Day in 2004.

European Neighbors' Day is aimed at raising awareness of such issues as growing individualism, withdrawal into oneself, loneliness, and loosening of social bonds. Parties, luncheons and other events and activities held on the occasion give neighbors an opportunity to interact with each other and eventually build a strong community based on mutual help, respect and understanding.

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