National Flitch Day Date in the current year: July 19, 2019

National Flitch Day National Flitch Day is an informal holiday dedicated to an ancient English custom that dates back to at least the 14th century. A flitch is a measurement of bacon, now known as a slab. In England, married couples were awarded a flitch of bacon if they did not repent on their marriage for a year and a day.

A couple would come to monks and stand a mock trial to prove that they had been loving and faithful to one another for one year and did not wish they were single again. If they succeeded, they were awarded a flitch of bacon (half a pig). This tradition was brought to America by English settlers, but it didn't survive for long.

Flitch trials are still held in Great Dunmow, England once every four years on a leap year. They are organized by the Dunmow Flitch Trials Committee. The jury that reaches a verdict consists of six maidens and six bachelors. Great Dunmow is believed to be the only location to have preserved the flitch of bacon custom.

National Flitch Day celebrated on July 19 does not involve the trial, it is just supposed to remind of the tradition.

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